We are a creative agency with one focus:


You Solve a Problem. We Help You Tell The Story.

Alpha Creative is a marketing consultancy focused on helping startups grow their businesses and maximize their impact.

We keep things simple because your time and capital are limited. We are highly focused on creating and/or optimizing the essential tools you need:

Logo Design

A smart and clean logo is important because this asset is used everywhere from social media to your website to your pitch deck and more.

Social Media Accounts

As a startup you can no longer afford NOT to be active on social media. Showcase your thought leadership and get into the mix. We can set you up and get you going.

Style Guide

You don’t need to spend a lot of time and money here, but a style guide will help you look and execute like a leader.

Pitch Deck

Need to raise capital? A smart Pitch Deck is an essential tool. While you might create a few in your career, work with an expert partner who delivers.


Your story needs an anchor—that’s your website and blog. All of your assets will point back to the site, so let’s do it right.

Pitch Video

In the digital world, there may not be a more important asset when it comes to raising capital or selling product than your video(s).

Our objectives are always straightforward: Distill your story. Help you become more investible. These same assets and processes…


We have a base offering and a premium option for each asset being developed. The base package will always get the job done. This is most appropriate for Seed stage companies. If you are in a position to invest a bit more, we can develop more customization to your product. This is most appropriate for companies who have raised a sizable Seed round or Series A.
Everything is a la carte. We don’t want to replicate something already done. The one exception to this is making sure your creative assets look like they are part of a “family” and meet a minimum quality threshold. This is subjective and we’ll help you decide where and when to invest. Question: Do you take equity as a form of payment?
Yes. We are in this for your long term success. We do require a financial investment, but we don’t charge market rates. We want you to preserve your cash, so we will take some of our payment in the form of warrants. That said, we have a formula for this and we don’t deviate.
Depends largely on you and your team. We typically have a backlog of 20-30 days. Once we are ready to engage, we can knock most of the process out in under two weeks. If needed, we can deliver work piecemeal so you can begin to leverage what’s done immediately. (i.e. You may need a website yesterday…we can’t deliver it yesterday, but we can put a rush on it) The only asset that has potential lags is video. There are more variables. We can manage them tightly, but plan on good video assets taking 2 to 4 weeks.
No. We are a creative agency. We are happy to provide guidance and support your marketing team…big or small, but we make our bones developing creative assets and we stay focused there.
Not at the present time. We will refer you to top notch firms we know.

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Alpha Creative is a marketing consultancy focused on helping startups grow their businesses and maximize their impact.